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Routine traffic stop ends in drug arrest in Texas

A routine traffic stop in Texas has led to drug charges. This is not an unfamiliar situation in Texas as many individuals pulled over by police during a traffic stop could face criminal charges if illegal activity is suspected or found.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said that a State Trooper pulled the driver over for a routine traffic stop. The State Trooper said that when he was speaking to the driver, he saw that there was drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and suspected the driver was in possession of drugs.

This led to the State Trooper searching the driver's vehicle and the Department of Public Safety said they found several items of drug paraphernalia in the vehicle along with marijuana and possibly methamphetamine. The department sent the suspected illegal drugs to a lab to be analyzed.

The driver was arrested after the State Trooper searched his vehicle. He was later charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. These are all very serious offenses that could result in prison sentences if he is convicted.

This entire case goes back to driver being pulled over by police during a routine traffic stop. Since the State Trooper said that drug paraphernalia was visible during the traffic stop, law enforcement was able to search the man's vehicle and charge him with multiple drug violations.

Like we said earlier, this is not an unusual case in Texas. Many people are arrested and charged with drug crimes during traffic stops and routine police activities. While the State Trooper claimed he saw drug paraphernalia in the driver's vehicle, this may not be true for all cases.

It is important for people arrested and charged with drug crimes resulting from a routine traffic stop to contact a criminal defense attorney to protect their rights and have someone there to defend their side of the story. If law enforcement had no reason to stop a person's vehicle or to search their vehicle, any subsequent charges resulting from that search may be thrown out if evidence was obtained illegally.

Source: The Light and Champion, "Routine traffic stop results in drug arrest," Scott Flowers, Feb. 1, 2013

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