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House fire leads to drug charges in Texas

Two men in Texas are facing drug charges after firefighters responding to a house fire found marijuana growing in the house. Texas law enforcement officials have started cracking down on marijuana operations throughout the state.

Neighbors had called local firefighters to report a possible fire in a nearby house. When firefighters arrived at the home, they entered the home and found a marijuana operation inside the home. Firefighters said that the suspected fire was caused by the men burning household items in their fireplace.

The Narcotics Division said they found 320 marijuana plants in the house, which had an estimated value of $517,000. Officials said that the two suspects were turning their home into a marijuana growing operation and that they believe the suspects were going to start a drug trafficking operation.

Officials also reportedly recovered $7,000 in cash inside the home as well as confiscated a 9mm pistol.

The two men were both charged with a felony charge of possession of marijuana because they found over four ounces but less than five pounds of marijuana in the home.

This recent case shows how the state is trying to investigate and stop marijuana and other illegal drug trafficking operations in Texas. Marijuana possession and drug trafficking charges are very serious and Texas will continue to try and charge more individuals with marijuana crimes in the future.

Drug charges are very serious. Individuals who have been suspected or charged with a drug crime should consult a drug violations attorney as soon as possible to protect their rights and their freedom.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Firefighters stumble on pot growing operation," Robert Stanton, Jan. 17. 2013

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