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Marijuana use among teens increasing

More teenagers in Texas and throughout the nation are using marijuana, according to a new study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The study found that one in four high school seniors used marijuana during the past month.

The survey studied roughly 45,000 eighth, tenth and twelfth grade students around the country. The study reported that one percent of eighth grade teens used marijuana while seven percent of twelfth grade students used marijuana.

The report concluded that marijuana use has significantly increased among teenagers during the last few years. While the study found marijuana use has increased, it found that other drug use by teens actually decreased. This included the decrease in the number of teens who use other illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

The increase in teens using marijuana can be troubling for several reasons. Besides the impact it may have on a teen's health, it is also illegal and punishable under Texas laws. As more teenagers use marijuana, it is likely that more minors will be charged with marijuana possession.

Marijuana possession is a serious offense, especially for underage teens. Students who have been charged with possessing marijuana should not take the charge lightly. If they plead or are found guilty, they can face serious consequences as well as have it show on their record. This can threaten a student's chances of getting into a good school or finding a job after high school.

Teens arrested for marijuana possession should consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can protect a student's rights and ensure that they receive proper treatment and questioning by the police.

Source: KTSM, "New Study Shows Teens Smoking Pot More Often," Noreen Jarmillo, Dec. 20, 2012

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