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No front license plate leads to drug possession charges.

Sometimes a minor traffic or motor vehicle violation can open the door for the police to look further and make an arrest on more serious charges, such as drug possession. In Texas and throughout the country, this is a major source of drug arrests for local law enforcement agencies. One such arrest took place in Henderson County when a deputy who was patrolling Highway 274 observed a man operating his Ford Ranger with no front license plate. The stop ultimately led to an arrest on drug possession charges.

The minor license plate infraction allowed the sheriff's deputy to stop the vehicle and ticket or warn the driver about the purported violation. However, in this instance, the deputy detained the suspect and did a search for outstanding arrest warrants, which would seem to have had no connection to a plate violation. That search found a fugitive warrant for theft of over $50 and under $500. He arrested the suspect on account of the warrant.

Authorities report increase in drug trafficking enforcement

The 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle include a number of major highways that are reportedly used for the transport of illicit drugs. According to law enforcement authorities, June is a big month in that respect because it comes right after a major harvest of marijuana crops, and the highways are being used to facilitate drug trafficking operations. They report that their officers are well trained to be looking for signs of heavy drug transport on the highways.

State and local agencies report that the number of arrests are up and the volume of drugs being seized is much higher than usual. Another development has been the increased use of rental cars by alleged drug traffickers. In Amarillo, law enforcement authorities say that rental cars seem to be a high priority but that they do find violators driving their own cards also. One of the benefits of using a rental car is that they can't be forfeited to the state.

Prescription drug charges no small matter

Some people in Texas might consider prescription drug offense to be in a different category than so-called street drugs, but when it comes to criminal charges the two are not so different. With the increased availability of prescription drugs, prescription drug charges have been on the rise. It is imperative that defendants treat their charges as seriously as they would for any other type of drug offense. 

A prescription drug charge can stem from a myriad of causes. Simply possessing prescription medication without a prescription from a licensed medical professional can be enough for the authorities to make an arrest. Depending on what medication is believed to be involved and how much is present can affect whether a charge is a misdemeanor or a felony.

2 people charged in large drug possession bust in Texas

A Texas narcotics task force recently conducted a search of a private residence. The incident took place on a Thursday morning in Sugar Land. As a result of the search and investigation of the premises, two people now face multiple felony and misdemeanor drug possession and firearms charges. 

According to reports, the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force entered the residence in order to conduct the search. The agents claim to have discovered a large amount of various types of drugs. Included in the drugs said to have been found at the residence were marijuana, heroin, cocaine and Xanax. LSD and methamphetamine were also included, among other drugs.

Lawmakers include synthetic marijuana as drug possession crime

Based on what is alleged to be mounting evidence that synthetic marijuana is a dangerous substance, the Texas state legislature has passed a law prohibiting the possession, distributing, making or selling of the drug. Smoke shop owners and employees selling the substance could find themselves facing drug possession charges and possible jail time as enforcement of the law gears up among state law enforcement officers. One smoke shop was shut down in Lubbock recently by DEA officers, but no arrests were reportedly made.

According to one registered nurse at the University Medical Center in Lubbock, there have been at least 21 cases of bad trips on bath salts and synthetic marijuana in just the past few weeks. She reports seeing at least two or three or more patients per day with bad reactions. She claims to have seen as many as 15 and 16 of them on some days.

County employee terminated after arrest for drug possession

When  a Texas criminal defense attorney first meets with a client who is accused of drug crime, the attorney will be mostly interested in learning all of the detailed facts regarding the allegations against the suspect. This will include all contact that the police had with the accused and what transpired specifically on each occasion. If the charge is drug possession with the intent to deliver, counsel will explore all of the details, striving to distinguish any facts that may tend to rebut the inference that there was an intent to deliver.

On June 9, 2015 authorities took an adult man and woman into custody on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. On that date, they had executed a search warrant to search the couple's Georgetown home in Williamson County.  They allegedly seized 71 grams of crack cocaine, 39 grams of powder cocaine and 14 ounces of  marijuana.

DEA makes no drug cultivation arrest for vast marijuana growth

What happens if you find over 100,000 marijuana plants growing on your land, with some of the plants growing over seven feet tall? A landowner in the Texas Panhandle says that when he found the plants he called law enforcement and reported it. His story may be true because as of this time, no one has been charged with drug cultivation or possession in connection with the seizure.

The DEA is currently busy clearing the 109,000 plants from the ranch land in Lipscomb County. The agency at first reported it was the biggest seizure of marijuana plants in Texas history. However, the agency now says if it's not the largest, it is one of the largest.

Game wardens arrest NORML members on drug possession charges

The prolific enforcement of criminal sanctions for possessing marijuana is alive and well in Texas. Although the state has aggressive reform groups working to change the relatively repressive Texas criminal laws regarding marijuana, such reforms have not yet succeeded. Drug possession charges for marijuana in Texas thus remain serious offenses that can mar a person's life permanently.

One recent example of tough enforcement in the state came at the annual Red Bull sponsored cliff-diving competition at Possum Kingdom Lake. Local participants included a group of five volunteers from the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of NORML. Although the competition was moving smoothly, on the second day Texas game wardens stepped in and arrested all five NORML volunteers on drug possession charges. They claimed to have found three grams of marijuana on the NORML boat.

Man with marijuana plants charged with drug manufacture

A search warrant in Texas is obtained by presenting to the issuing magistrate a sworn affidavit setting forth substantial facts that establish probable cause that a crime has been or is being committed. The sworn affidavit must specifically describe the property that is being sought, where it will be sought and state that it is evidence of the suspected crimes. If the matter involves drug manufacture, for example, the affidavit should describe the details and the product being sought.

The search must be confined to the places and items described in the search warrant and affidavit, and as a general rule, only those items can be seized and taken as evidence. In a recent arrest by the Cooke County Sheriff's office, a search warrant was taken out to search the home of a 54-year-old man residing in the northeast section of the county. Officers allege to have found and seized 817 growing marijuana plants and 1,400 oxycodone pills.

Feds bust Texas man on cartel-related drug trafficking charges

The authorities have accused certain cartel members of using Texas border towns to siphon heroin into the United Sates for widespread distribution. A well-known cartel, the Sinaloa Federation, is allegedly involved in one such relationship centered in McAllen. The cartel allegedly brings the drug through that gateway and then transports it to other states. The police have at times made arrests of cartel members alleged to be involved in these drug trafficking operations.

The pace of heroin traffic through the border towns is not unfettered but is interrupted by raids and arrests, according to federal and local authorities. Recently, authorities arrested a used car dealer in McAllen and identified him as a major player in the shipping of heroin through the gateway. The federal indictment  charges that the man is believed to be a long-time dealer in McAllen who had shipped large quantities into other states.

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